Game Your Adaptation: The Tie-In Game

Pop culture, especially Hollywood pop culture, is extremely focused on recycling. Often this takes the form of reboots, rehashes, reinterpretations, and remakes of previous films, as well as adaptations of books, comic books, cave paintings, video games, and even board games (see: The Ouija movie. Or, better yet, don’t). Of course, this isn’t an especially recent […]

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Game Your Music: How to Listen To Music Like The Author Of This Blog

Alright, so, you find yourself here at civil twilight without anything to listen to. Lemme help. Roll 1d6 to determine (EXTREMELY ROUGH) genre: 1-2: METAL! 3-4: Indie Stuff that Everyone’s Heard Of. 5-6: Other. Once you’ve established what Genre you’re gonna listen to, roll 1d6 again and compare to the corresponding chart below for an artist. […]

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Game Your Art: d100 Poetry.

Poetry: that strange, arcane branch of writing that most people tend to regard with an equal mixture of scorn and reverence. Supposedly, each word in a poem should be regarded with the care and precision of a surgeon. This method is a bit more like blind-folded skeet shooting. Welcome to d100 poetry. First, you’ll need percentile […]

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